Is there an initiation or start-up fee?

No. There is no fee to join. You pay a hourly basis fee as detailed on the pricing page.

How do I interact with my Assistant?

You can send email from your registered email ID or other online instant messaging services such as Gtalk and Skype. It is always expected to have a clear and concise description of your task. You can further provide us helping resources like database, prospective customers to call etc and guidance on how to process that particular task. We will always strive hard and do our best to complete your task in the most desired fashion.

Is the hourly rate the same for all types of task?

Yes! It's that simple.

Note : Under Web Support, we only take care of website maintenance part (For example; Content update, wordpress theme & plugin installation, MySQL Database backup, etc.). For website designing and development, please email with the details for quotations.

Do my Virtual Assistant Work Hours ever expire?

Yes! Unused hours will expire after 60 days of non-usage.

Can I hire someone with a specific set of skills?

Of course, simply tell us what your needs are.

Who are your clients?

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries. Any individual or small business owner that has too much on their plate can benefit from our service. Here is just a sample of some of the industries we work with: Attorneys, Authors, Business Coaches, Corporate Executives, Doctors, E-Commerce Sites, Executive Coaches, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agents, Motivational Speakers, Non-Profit Organizations, Business Organizers, Realtors, Retail Stores, Software Consultants.

Is there a commitment or contract for a minimum period?

No, there is no such commitment or contract. You can discontinue services at any point of time.

Can I share my membership with other people?

Off Course!! Only thing is that all tasks must be sent through the e-mail id which is registered with

Can Call-Arup perform work in languages other than English?

Our assistant can currently only handle tasks submitted in English.

How much time will it take for a normal task to be answered?

Time window to respond back your normal task is 4-8 hours. But we respond usually before that.

Do I always get the same person to work with?

Yes, you are assigned a dedicated assistant who will be the only person that you communicate with, and hand all your tasks over.

How do I keep a track on hours charged/worked?

You can easily keep a track on the hours charged by logging in to our portal.

Note : 1 Point = Upto 20 Min

Are there any hidden or additional costs in hiring your virtual assistants?

No, absolutely not. Our services will cover the employee's salary, benefits, vacation time, bonuses, office space and equipment. It includes scanning, emailing, data input, etc.

So in effect I am hiring more people than I am paying for?

Yes, in effect, you are not just hiring one stand-alone assistant. Instead, you are hiring a whole team, including people with other skills and experience, at no additional charge.